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The Devenio project was put together by a group of local business people led by Glen Winney, Managing Director of WCQ. “The group was wanting to see Main Street improved and the economy revitalised. With a solid faith in Hervey Bay and our market we went about creating the next level of office complex with this two-storey building with a close eye on the market’s needs.”, he said. Devenio is another example of Hervey Bay excelling.

Why call it Devenio? The Latin meaning is “come to” or “arrive at”, which is appropriate for a CBD building which is now filled with quality tenants. The complex is in the Main Street CBD precinct of Hervey Bay, one of Queensland and Australia’s fastest growing cities. It is a 1500m2 office building with six premium tenancies ranging from VDM Consulting, Queensland Health, National Bank Australia and Knight Frank.

”WCQ is a small but growing company which has excelled in its performance in the last 12 months. The Devenio building is an architecturally designed building with very modern facilities that creates a wonderful work environment in the heart of the city and so was a magnet for these high quality tenants.”

Devenio is a new and modern building in many ways. Designed by Core Architects, it incorporates the contemporary look of some Sunshine Coast buildings but is adapted to suit the local environment. WCQ employed local suppliers and subcontractors to complete all the work.

Glen believes that Devenio set new standards in Hervey Bay, “ it has some innovative stormwater capture and recycling elements, has fully embraced sustainable practices and energy efficiency measures. Winning this award is not only good for our company’s reputation but it enhances quality architecturally designed constructions and is proof that even in more difficult times developers can undertake profitable projects.

The building also meets all the new energy efficiency codes through building design and materials to minimise power usage. This includes timer switches on lights and air conditioners. The roof catches stormwater and holds it in underground tanks for usage in the toilets and gardens. All walls and ceilings are lined, and heat resistant glass is used in the windows to reduce electricity costs and to warm and cool the building. The building is also designed to capture a lot of natural light in the public lobby areas making it open, friendly and energy sensitive. Rear shutters were built on the western walls to minimise the impact of the afternoon sun.

Stormwater runoff from the car parks is trapped and separated by a hot spot gully trap which efficiently filters more than 95 per cent of solid pollutants to stop unwanted debris going into stormwater drains. The building is also fully disability compliant with a lift in the lobby for upstairs access, disabled toilets, ramps and access walls.

The developers of Devenio contracted Shawn Wondunna-Foley to design the public art theme. Shawn is a contemporary Butchulla Indigenous Australian visual artist who is local to Hervey Bay. The artwork was built into the footpath area and the concept is based on “Duwalami” or meeting place in Butchulla. This theme follows our “Devenio” name and aims to symbolise a place for meeting of people to renew conversation, friendships and undertake activities relevant to the reasons they have come together.

This project and its listing as a finalist in the UDIA Retail/Commercial Under 3000m2 Award is recognition of the company’s astuteness as a developer and its capacity to construct quality buildings using a team of high calibre consultants and project managers. It will be a great boost to Hervey Bay’s confidence and will enhance our reputation in a very competitive market.”
Glen Winney, Managing Director


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