Proud Past and Exciting Future for WCQ


Glen Whinney and Daniel PoacherWCQ is positioned to remain at the forefront of commercial and industrial building and development for decades to come with its focus on building a better regional Queensland.

Managing Director Glen Winney said he was delighted with the success of the growing company during what is a prolonged period of difficulty in the construction sector. “I am proud of my long association with Win Constructions Queensland, formerly as S&S Rhind and then Rhind Constructions,” Winney said. “We are a small, growing company which has excelled in its performance in the past 12 months. “Win Constructions Queensland has a history of excellence and under our ownership it has tripled its turnover in 18 months. “

The company has a capacity to construct quality buildings using teams of high calibre professionals, local tradespeople, consultants and project managers.” The company underwent a name change two months ago to better reflect its ownership status. “We have re-branded to reflect our strong regional focus built on a platform of highly capable core staff and management, good systems, safety and Quality Assurance.

"Our client base remains diverse, loyal and highly complimentary of our work.”


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