Integrated Project Delivery – The New D & C

WCQ has an eye on the future. Whilst we understand that at present most clients believe that obtaining a tender package from consultants and calling of tenders from a number of commercial builders is the best way to achieve the best price, WCQ has started to question this philosophy.

WCQ’s involvement in a number of Design and Construct projects have open a door to our thinking in terms of what is best for our clients. Take this D&C concept to a higher level and you have Integrated Project Delivery.

The IPD process brings together key construction management, trades, fabricators and suppliers expertise together to be at the table with the consultants and the client at the very early stage of the design process. Having a Team of this nature together enables a design to be produced that optimizes the quality, aesthetics, constructability, affordability and project delivery into lifecycle management.

By using Building Information Modelling (BIM) the project can evolve with input from all parties from the very beginning thus negating many of the problems and issues associated currently with a typical design and tender process.

The 3D modelling, real time, dynamic ability of BIM allows service clashes and other construction issues to be realized and addressed prior to the “sign off” of the design. This not only saves a considerable amount of time it will also provide substantial cost savings to the client.

Other benefits of the IPD process include early and accurate feasibilities and project costing, the ability to visualize in a 3 dimensional view the completed project assisting with project siting and the enabling the valuable input of the construction team as to the most efficient ways to provide the client’s needs.

With the assistance of experts in the field of BIM and IPD, WCQ is looking to the future and sees the need to provide the very best of service to our clients and to be a breast of the latest thinking in terms of project Delivery.

We are proud to be leaders in this field and look forward to a continued growth of this type of project delivery.