Company Profile

“Quality, client focus and listening to our customers’ needs, is our core strength.”

Managing Director - Glen Winney

Win Constructions Queensland is headed by Glen Winney who has been in the commercial construction, residential construction and the property development industries in Queensland for over 31 years. Glen is equally comfortable on site, in the management board room or in negotiations with clients, Government bodies or corporate agencies. He has wealth of knowledge and experience on all facts of construction and project management from his many roles while within the industry or through his tertiary qualifications.
The opportunity to take over this successful building company in WCQ and to develop it further as a medium to large contractor in Queensland was a challenge that Glen could not pass up on. He looks forward to continuing his role as chairman and working on the strategic direction of the growing regional commercial construction company

Company History

Win Constructions Queensland was formerly Rhind Constructions and before that known as S&S Rhind which was established in Brisbane in 1983 and moved its operation to Hervey Bay in 1987. S&S Rhind changed its owners and entity in 2008 when Glen Winney bought the business.

Since its establishment Win Constructions Queensland continues to pursue and achieve excellence. We are proud of our award winning role in development and construction within the Wide Bay Burnett Region over the last 20 years.

S&S Rhind was one of the most awarded builders in the region and had an outstanding reputation for quality workmanship. In March 2008 S&S Rhind changed its name to Rhind Constructions and expanded its management team and kept the quality building team to create an even better company.

The Future

We are now entering a new phase of our evolution with the unveiling of Win Constructions Queensland. We have re-branded our company to reflect our strong regional focus built on a platform of highly capable core staff and management, good systems, safety and Quality Assurance. Our client base remains diverse, loyal and highly complimentary of our work.

Mission Statement

Win Constructions Queensland seeks to provide the highest level of excellence in construction, whilst fostering the client - builder relationship to achieve and maintain a lasting productive partnership for the future.

We are truly driven to achieve our goal of Building Regional Queensland.

”I am proud of my long association with Win Constructions Queensland, formerly as S&S Rhind and then Rhind Constructions. We are a small, growing company which has excelled in its performance in the last 12 months.
Win Constructions Queensland has a long history and under our recent ownership it has tripled its turnover in 18 months. The company has a capacity to construct quality buildings using teams of high caliber professionals, tradespeople, consultants and project managers"

Managing Director – Glen Winney